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Farstad Wins New Contracts Offshore Brasil

Rob Almeida
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September 17, 2013

Image: Farstad

Farstad announced the winning of three new contracts today worth a total of NOK 150 million for operations offshore Brazil. The contracts consist of:

Shell Brasil: A 6 month contract with a two month option for the AHTS Far Senator (2013, UT 731 CD, 24,000 BHP), vessel to depart North Sea next month

Total E&P do Brasil: 6 month contract for the PSV Far Swift (2003, UT 755 L, 3,084 DWT). The vessel is currently trading in Brazil, and commencement of the new contract is expected to take place during November 2013.

Petrobras: 5 month option to extend the contract for the AHTS Far Sailor (1997, UT 722, 16,800 BHP) commencing October 2013.

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