European Union Launches First Navy Mission

Tim Konrad
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December 9, 2008

Few would have predicted that the European Union’s first-ever joint naval mission would be against pirates off the coast of Somalia. However, mission “Atalanta” is now underway in an attempted to stem pirate attacks in the Golf of Aden. The TimesOnline brings us more on this story.

A Royal Navy admiral took charge today of the European Union’s first naval task force, assembled to protect international shipping in the waters off Somalia amid calls for a United Nations pirate court to be set up to try those apprehended at sea.

Six warships and three surveillance aircraft from eight countries will be co-ordinated by Rear Admiral Phillip Jones to patrol a million square kilometres of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden, where heavily armed pirates have captured nearly 30 vessels and taken 300 hostages this year alone. Full Story Here

Admiral Lord Nelson could not be reached for comment on the multi nation naval mission.

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