Disney Cruise Ship Rescues Royal Caribbean Passenger Who Fell Overboard [VIDEO]

Mike Schuler
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January 14, 2015

File photo for Oasis of the Seas

Talk about being in the right place, at the right time.

The crew of a Disney cruise ship rescued a Royal Caribbean cruise ship passenger who fell overboard into choppy seas off the coast of Mexico.

The Royal Caribbean passenger apparently went unnoticed when he fell overboard from the Oasis of the Seas for unknown reasons while off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico last Thursday. Amazingly, the man was spotted in the water by someone aboard the Disney Magic, whose crew then lowered the lifeboat to pick the man up and bring him to safety.

The video below filmed by a passenger aboard the Disney Magic shows the rescue. You can see the man appear on left side of the video at about 0:35:

A statement from Royal Caribbean said the “22-year-old male guest from Oasis of the Seas went overboard near Cozumel, Mexico. He was spotted by a crew member from another cruise ship, and picked up. We are grateful for the other ship’s assistance.”

The high-profile incident is once again driving conversation about what cruise lines are doing to enhance passenger safety, particularly when it comes to man overboard incidents. Cruise lines have for a long time been under pressure to enhance man overboard detection systems on ships due to the number of passengers who go missing each year and are believed to have fallen overboard.

According to the website CruiseJunkie.com, 22 people fell overboard from cruise ships in 2014.

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