Detyens Shipyards Adds to Military Sealift Command Contract Awards

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April 4, 2018

The Military Sealift Command (MSC) dry cargo/ammunition ship USNS Lewis and Clark (T-AKE-1). U.S. Navy Photo

U.S. East Coast ship repairer Detyens Shipyards has been awarded a $20.6 million contract from U.S. Navy for a 94-calendar day shipyard availability for the regular overhaul and dry docking of USNS Lewis and Clark (T-AKE 1). 

The contract is the latest awarded to Detyens Shipyards on behalf of Military Sealift Command so far this year. 

The firm, fixed-price contract includes options which, if exercised, would bring the total contract value to $20,672,008, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.

All work will be performed at Detyens Shipyards’ facility in Charleston, South Carolina and is expected to be completed by August 2018.

Work will include furnishing general services for the ship; deck house cleaning and painting (near white blast); cargo crane 10 year retest survey; hydraulic hoses replacement and recertification; lifeboat certification and falls renewal (5 year); docking and un-docking vessel; propeller shaft and stern tube inspection; underwater hull cleaning and painting; freeboard cleaning and painting (near white blast); freshwater stern tube lubrication system installation; sliding block and transfer head refurbishment; chain replacement; and flight deck nonskid renewal.

In addition to the USNS Lewis and Clark contract, already this year Detyens has also been awarded $9,125,537 firm-fixed-price contract for a 42-calendar day shipyard availability for the mid-term availability of USNS John Lenthall (T-AO 189) and a $16,418,401 firm, fixed-price contract for a 75-calendar day shipyard availability for the regular overhaul and dry docking of USNS Robert E. Peary (T-AKE 5).

Founded in 1962, Detyens Shipyards is one of the largest shipyard contractors for Military Sealift vessels on the U.S. east coast. “Detyens Shipyards is humbled and honored to be the recipient of several recent USNS awards,” the company wrote on Facebook.

In each case, the contracts were awarded following a competitive process conducted via the Federal Business Opportunities website.


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