DEME to Convert Bulk Carrier Into DP Fallpipe Vessel

DEME's fallpipe vessel Flintstone. Photo courtesy DEME Group

DEME to Convert Bulk Carrier Into DP Fallpipe Vessel

Mike Schuler
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October 6, 2022

Belgium-based DEME has announced plans to purchase and convert a secondhand bulk carrier into a dynamically positioned fallpipe vessel.

The offshore contractor has signed an agreement with Pax Ocean Shipyards of Singapore for the conversion starting in late October.

The fallpipe vessel will join DEME’s existing fallpipe fleet, which includes Flinstone, Rollingstone and Seahorse, beginning in the first half of 2024.

Fallpipe vessels are used for precision rock installation in varying water depths. They are used in multiple sectors of offshore construction and maintenance, from protecting pipes and cables to stabilizing offshore oil and gas installations and wind turbines.

“Continuing DEME’s efforts to operate a fleet for the future, the new fallpipe vessel will be fully compliant with the latest emission standards and feature the latest environmental technology, including a battery pack for best-in-class fuel efficiency and more sustainable operations,” DEME said in its announcement.

“The vessel will be equipped with a central fallpipe system plus a large, inclined fallpipe in order to allow pre- and post-lay activities using rocks with larger diameters close to subsea structures.”


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