DeepOcean Signs Long Term Charter for Subsea Construction Vessel

rem forza
Rem Forza, image: Rem Offshore

Norwegian subsea contractor DeepOcean AS is hoping to sign a major contract at the end of this week according to Chief Financial Officer Dennis de Vreede. In the meantime however, they have pulled the trigger on a 3 year charter contract with Rem Offshore for the Rem Forza, a 7,692 gross ton, MT 6022-design subsea construction vessel featuring a moonpool, a hanger for two work-class ROVs and a 25 ton active heave compensated crane.

The company notes this charter contract comes with three yearly extension options.

With global oil prices in the gutter, De Vreede anticipates 2015 “will be a challenging year” for his company which has recently announced a company reorganization that has their leadership focusing on two main areas, the Greater North Sea (GNS) and “the rest of the world.”

Rem Offshore’s offshore construction vessel Rem Pioneer¬†also gained more work today in the form of a one-year extension with Micoperi SRL bringing the firm contracted period to February 2016, with a further possibility to extend it for one more year.