Deep Flight Super Falcon – Ocean Depth Submersible for Super Rich

Mike Schuler
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March 11, 2009


If you were lucky enough to be the owner of a multi-million dollar luxury superyacht, what kind of toys would you want to have on it to show off to your not so lucky friends.  A pair of jet skis? Child’s play.  A nice power boat?  Way too typical.  A heli-pad?  You’re starting to get the picture.  How about a full ocean depth winged submersible?  Now we’re talking.

Hawkes Ocean Technologies is now offering their new Deep Flight Super Falcon for sale to private owners.  The duel cockpit, duel winged, and duel tail fins allow the Super Falcon to literally “fly” underwater for up to five hours at speeds up to 6 knots.  Capable of diving to a depth of 1,500 feet, you can do barrel rolls alongside a school of dolphins while exploring deep unchartered territory.

With Deep Flight, Hawkes Ocean Technologies has successfully engineered the required fundamental advance in the basic way submersibles operate, making the leap from “underwater balloons” (sinkers) to underwater flight, an intrinsically safer, simpler and dramatically more efficient means of moving through the water.

The Deep Flight Super Falcon is the newest vehicle in the Deep Flight series of submersibles and was designed specifically for the superyacht market. Advanced comfort, state-of-the-art control systems and various safety features of the Super Falcon are highly attractive to those that can afford the reported $1.3M price tag.

The first client for the Super Falcon is venture capitalist Tom Perkins, for use on his mega yacht the Maltese Falcon.

A little too rich for your blood? Hawkes Ocean Technologies offers The Deep Flight Sub Sea Aviation School, a 3-day course where you can be trained and licensed to fly a Deep Flight winged submersible, with classes starting this summer.

For more information on the Deep Flight Super Falcon and other submersibles, check out Hawkes Ocean Technologies website or download this brochure (PDF)

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