Damen Fills Dredger Order… In Just Three Weeks

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August 23, 2012

A Damen CSD405

Need a dredger and need it now? Damen has got you covered – at least they did for a customer in China recently.

Damen says that they have shipped the cutter suction dredger “Fen He” from Rotterdam to China within just three weeks of receiving the order.  The dredger, a Damen CSD405 design, was ordered by the Water Board in Taiyaun, China where a growing sediment problem in the ‘Fen He’ river has caused a hazard to navigation, water-clarity issues, and an increased risk of flooding.

To combat the problem the Taiyaun Water Board purchased the ‘Fen He’ dredger to help maintain the river Fen at the right depth and also removing layers of contaminated silt in the process.  The stationary CSD450 was chosen because it met all requirements of the customer; it works at a dredging depth of – 12 m and has a swing width of 34 m. The Damen dredge pump, a type BP45-1100, is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine of 709 kW and has a mixture capacity of 3.000 m3/h. The dismountable dredger is 22.6 m long over pontoons, and weighs in total 115 tons, but can be dismounted in container sized items which can be transported easily.

Right now the dredger is on a ship en-route to Taiyaun where a team is standing by to assemble the dredger and perform all start-up functions assisted by the local crew.  Damen says that the final preparations will be made well on time to start maintenance dredging before the start of the winter.


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