Cueria Law Firm, LLC, Announces Quarterly Maritime Training Scholarship for Gulf Coast Seamen

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January 14, 2019

With over 25 years working in maritime injury law, Attorney Brent Cueria of Cueria Law Firm, LLC, knows seamen love the work they do in the Gulf Coast. When these men and women come to Cueria Law Firm, LLC, for help with a maritime injury claim, they are often anxious to get back on the water.

But for many aspiring and current employees in the maritime industry, one major hurdle stands in the way of them furthering their maritime career – education and the money that it costs to receive the training.

That is why Cueria Law Firm, LLC is pleased to announce that starting in January of 2019 it will be awarding one seamen a scholarship to be applied toward his or her maritime training courses. The scholarship will be worth up to $500 and can be applied to most training courses at facilities across the Gulf Coast.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Eligibility for the scholarship requires United States citizenship, a valid TWIC card, and meeting the prerequisites for the course or training applicants are hoping to apply the award to. The application includes employment and education histories, as well as a personal essay with questions about the applicant’s interest and time spent in the maritime industry.

How are Winners Chosen?

Applications will be reviewed by a team at Cueria Law Firm, LLC. Winners will be chosen based on commitment to career and individual need. Winners who take the time to explain what the opportunity would mean for themselves and their families are most likely to stand out. As such, Attorney Brent Cueria encourages each applicant to take the time to fill out the application

How Can Seamen Apply?

Applications are open throughout the year, with winners chosen each January, April, July and October. The winners will have 10 days to respond and claim their award. Once the award is claimed, there will be a form outlining the terms of acceptance of the scholarship award. At this time the training facility will be contacted in order to provide them with the billing information necessary to apply the award. In the event that the course or training costs less than the total sum of the scholarship award, the fee will be paid in full, and the winner has no right to the additional funds.

The scholarship award will remain valid for 6 months, unless an emergency requires the winner to postpone taking the course. The team at Cueria Law Firm, LLC will evaluate each situation on a case by case basis before finalizing forfeiture.

Apply Online Now

Download the Information Packet and Print Application

Why is Further Training So Important for Maritime Workers?

When working in the maritime industry, accidents are a common occurrence. In many cases, an accident leads to injury on a maritime vessel, due to human error. There have been reports of maritime accidents that are caused strictly by the actions of another person. From small fires to the improper usage of machinery, accidents can occur that lead to major injury or even death.

A lack of technical knowledge can lead to issues onboard a ship or on a rig. If an individual is operating a crane and they do not know how to do so properly or do not follow protocols, an accident can occur due to dropped cargo. Victims of these types of incidents can be severely injured or even killed due to the error of the crane operator.

Additional issues can arise when employees make decisions without all the pertinent information, do not properly follow procedures, or have inadequate knowledge of the ship’s operating system. When an individual acts negligently, they can cause issues on board which can lead to others being hurt or worse, death.

At Cueria Law Firm, LLC, we focus on helping seamen who have been injured due to the negligence of someone else. By learning more about your rights, you can find out if seeking legal counsel and compensation for your injuries are an option. You can schedule a free consultation with our maritime injury attorney by calling (504) 525-5211.

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