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MV Jones Act Enforcer. Photo courtesy Offshore Marine Service Association

Crew of ‘Jones Act Enforcer’ Meets with Customs and Border Protection

Mike Schuler
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August 11, 2021

The crew of a privately chartered Jones Act enforcement vessel has met with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to touch base on issues that the vessel and its crew might want to keep an eye on.

An update today by the Offshore Marine Service Association, charterer of the appropriately named MV Jones Act Enforcer, said the ship’s crew on Tuesday met with Michael Hebert, the head of the CBP’s Jones Act Division of Enforcement (JADE), to learn what information the agency wants to see documented in allegations of Jones Act violations.

As we reported last month, OMSA has chartered the Fast Supply Vessel (FSV), which has been outfitted with aerial and surface surveillance equipment, to collect evidence of foreign vessels violating the Jones Act during offshore energy projects in Gulf of Mexico.

When and if evidence of Jones Act violations has been gathered, it will be submitted by OMSA to CBP and other appropriate authorities, as well as made public.

“Having CBP reach out and set up yesterday’s meeting was a huge step forward in our fight against violators of the Jones Act,” said OMSA President and CEO Aaron Smith. “I feel confident that moving forward, the communication and information sharing between OMSA and JADE will improve dramatically as we continue our fight against violators of the Jones Act.”

“JADE’s mission is focused on education and outreach so I am always pleased to meet with industry stakeholders to explain the Jones Act, JADE’s role in Jones Act enforcement, and what information should be submitted to JADE. I look forward to working with the professional mariners that make up the crew of the JONES ACT ENFORCER as we further these mutual goals,” said Hebert, according to OMSA’s press release.

Started in 2016, JADE is a special division within CBP that serves as a clearinghouse for Jones Act outreach, questions, and enforcement operations. The division is headquartered in New Orleans, but its officers have nationwide jurisdiction for Jones Act issues.

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