A screengrab from video shows the MV Tina 1 (with containers) aground and listing near the MV Shahraz.

Containership Grounds Next to Wrecked Containership in Singapore Strait

Mike Schuler
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November 24, 2020

A bizarre incident in the Singapore Strait this week as a containership apparently grounded next to (and possibly struck) a second grounded containership that has been shipwrecked in the area for several months.

Both ships are now aground adjacent to each other in Indonesian waters near the Batu Berhanti light buoy.

The incident happened late Sunday night after the Cyprus-flagged MV Tina 1 departed the Port of Singapore for Jakarta. For reasons unknown, the vessel came within extremely close (if not made contact) with the wreck of MV Shahraz, which has a little bit of a backstory.

The Iranian registered Shahraz has been in the area since May 2020 when it ran aground (along with another ship) while trying to avoid a tugboat. The Shahraz suffered cracks in its hull and was visually hogging as result of the accident, and it has remained in the area ever since.

Singapore’s MPA has warned in several notices to mariners on the location of the Shahraz and has advised all vessels “to keep well and clear when passing in the vicinity.”

No new leaks have been reported, according to the Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation, which is responding to the incident.

Video and AIS shows the situation as it stands now:

AIS data from MarineTraffic.com shows the MV Tina 1 aground at the stern of MV Shahraz, November 23, 2020. Image credit: MarineTraffic.com

Batu Berhanti is located south of the Singapore Traffic Separation Scheme in the busy Singapore Strait.

In the photo below, you can see the location of the Batu Berhanti light buoy. It also looks like the Tina 1 is listing to port.

Image courtesy Indonesia Ministry of Transportation

The video below appears to be taken from the Shahraz.

More video from the scene:

I’m not sure what the narrator in this next video is saying but it gives us a good look at how the Tina 1 is situated next to the Shahraz.

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