New Carissa – Incident Photo Of The Week

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June 6, 2009

New CarissaImage via Wikipedia

This photo from the maritime incident archives is of the New Carissa… the freighter that ran aground on a beach near Coos Bay, Oregon, United States, during a storm in February 1999.

It comes to us via the practical traveler blog Thrifter with the caption:

There was an effort to burn the fuel on board to avoid a slick and the associated disaster it would cause should it hit the land.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of spillage of fuel and a significant amount of ecological damage was caused to the coastline.  The solitary seal on the beach is probably thinking of a word beginning in s and ending in t, with, no doubt, one or two exclamation marks at the end for good measure.

You can find the rest of their post depicting 10 Amazing Shipwrecks HERE.

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