Photo courtesy of Bristol Harbor Group Inc.

Bristol Harbor Group to Design Vulcan Centaur Rocket Barge

Josh Guerrlich
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May 23, 2023

Bristol Harbor Group Inc. (BHGI) has announced a partnership with United Launch Alliance (ULA) to create a roll-on/roll-off barge for their Vulcan Centaur Rockets. 

The manned barge would be able to operate in both river and ocean waters.

ULA began development on their Vulcan Centaur Rockets in 2014, with hopes of first flight in July 2023. ULA has a test fire scheduled for later in the week in preparation for the maiden launch. 

BHGI will act as a consultant for ULA in the search for shipyards and help oversee construction of the transport barge. 

BHGI has experience working with space travel, having worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Marine Design Center on the PEGASUS, a NASA cargo barge. 

The PEGASUS transported and loaded on/off Structural Test Assemblies and The New Core Stage, both pieces of NASA’s new Space Launch System. In addition to consulting the project, BHGI helped extend the PEGASUS from 260ft to 310ft to allow for larger transports.

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