More Bodies Found on Costa Concordia

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February 22, 2012

UPDATE: The number of bodies found has now risen to 8 according to various reports.  The death toll is now at 25.  Four of the bodies have been recovered however unfavourable weather has halted the recovery operation.

Original: Four more bodies have been found on the Costa Concordia shipwreck raising the official death toll to 21, according to Italian officials.  Eleven people still remain missing.

Officials said that the bodies were found under water on the ship’s fourth bridge by the Italian fire brigade working on the ship.

Two of the bodies were removed from the ship — including those of a woman and a little girl — however they have not yet been officially identified.  The girl is thought to be Dayana Arlotti, a five-year-old Italian girl that was among the missing. The girls father also remains missing.

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