Watch: Will The Black Sea Turn Into A Tanker War?

Watch: Will The Black Sea Turn Into A Tanker War?

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May 16, 2022

In this episode, of What’s Going On In Shipping, maritime historian Sal Mercogliano discusses how the conflict in the Black Sea between Ukraine and Russia may further escalate to start targeting grain ships coming out of the Danube and Romania, while Ukraine could target Russian ships out of the Sea of Azov and Novorossiysk. Included in this analysis is two stories on the growth of the conflict in the Black Sea by Admiral James Stavridis and Admiral James Foggo.

VIDEO: Ukrainian drone ‘destroys Putin’s parade boat with laser-guided bomb’

BBC: Ukraine war: Snake Island and battle for control in Black Sea

The Tanker War by Ronald O’Rourke

India Bans Wheat Exports

Romanian Port Races Against Clock to Move Ukrainian Grain

The Black Sea Is The Next Front In The Ukraine War by Admiral Stavridis

Boiling the Frog — Russia’s Growing Black Sea Aggression Part I by Admiral Foggo

Boiling the Frog — Russia’s Black Sea Aggression Part II, the War By Admiral Foggo

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