ECDIS: Discovery or Disconnect?

Regulators and suppliers are going full steam for ECDIS; But are shipowners and officers onboard? Today and tomorrow hundreds of the ECDIS faithful are gathering in London to take status and plan for the future. Since 2007, when DNV delivered a definitive study establishing the safety benefits of ECDIS, the course was staked out and the adoption of ECDIS was as certain as, … [Read more...]

Smells like a scandal

When consumers get cornered into buying from one supplier, they're gonna get soaked, then pissed By Ryan Skinner (email) Through my work, I've become intimately acquainted with what feels like a scandal in the making. Right now, it's only a big deal in the small hydrographic community, but - as mandatory ECDIS drives more attention to the market - it may explode into … [Read more...]

Dude, you can get YouTube on the ECDIS!

High-speed Internet connectivity on merchant ships and unintended consequences By Ryan Skinner (email) Since early this year, ships running at least one make of ECDIS can download navigational charts and chart updates at sea, via Internet download. OK, last year's wreck won't show up on ENC updates from hydrographic offices for another two or three years yet anyway, but … [Read more...]

MARPOL Advisory – When Should You Spill Your Oil? (humor)

This crane contributed to the development of this instruction manual Before we go any further, please note: If you are anywhere in or near the US Gulf of Mexico and you need to spill oil, DO SO NOW. Do not hesitate. Just dump it, report the oil to the US Coast Guard and deploy some booms. Send the bill to BP. If you are within easy steaming distance of the US Gulf of … [Read more...]

AIS & LRIT INVESTIGATION: Ship monitoring and transit corridors

Recent news that the EU would most likely take over the US role of hosting an international exchange of LRIT (Long-Range Identification and Tracking Systems) data from SOLAS ships is only the latest development in a long trend of increasing ship monitoring. From prior experience writing about AIS, I know monitoring raises concerns in seafarers. Regulators and owners, on the … [Read more...]