Arctic Map Shows Potential Hotspots for Dispute

Mike Schuler
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August 7, 2008

UK’s International Boundary Research Unit from the University of Durham has released a detailed map showing maritime jurisdiction and boundaries for the Arctic Region’s surrounding nations.  The map details all known claims and agreed boundaries, plus potential hotspots that could spark disputes over oil and gas deposits in the future.

This all comes following the uproar caused one year ago when a Russian sub planted its national flag on the seabed of the North Pole.

The arctic region is estimated to hold nearly 1/5th of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas reserves and with warmer climates and the melting of polar ice, scientists are able to further explore the region.  This region is now considered a potential area for development, not a hypothetical one, for the oil and gas industry.

Check out Durham’s University website and download the PDF HERE.

Also check out this article from BBC News HERE

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