Antwerp Shipowner Claims Net-Zero CO2 Emissions

Mike Schuler
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January 27, 2020

Photo: Avigator Fortuner / Shutterstock

Antwerp-based shipowner Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB) says it has achieved net-zero carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits to offset its shipping operations.

The privately-owned company this year is marking its 125th year in business. To honor the occasion it has made a pledge to not only be a net-zero emitter of carbon dioxide from 2020 onwards, but to also strive for zero emissions from 2050.

“CMB firmly believes in zero carbon emissions from its shipping operations and aims to achieve this by 2050,” CMB said in a statement announcing its CO2 pledge. “Many low carbon and zero carbon technologies are already in the early stages of development, and CMB is convinced that the shipping industry will find solutions to today’s problems to provide zero carbon shipping by 2050.”

In order to achieve net zero, as well as some its long-term goals, CMB has supported certified climate projects in developing countries such as Zambia, Guatemala, and parts of India through the purchase of Voluntary Carbon Units (VCUs), a common measurement that represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent.

CMB said it is also already investing in heavily in the development of low and zero carbon ships and engines. For example, its HydroTug is expected to become the world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat when it enters service at the Port of Antwerp in the summer of 2021.

“As CMB will bring specific zero-carbon projects to life in the coming months and years, they will continue to actively engage and cooperate with other shipping companies, their customers, their suppliers, their banks and national and international politicians to achieve zero carbon shipping,” CMB said.

CMB specializes in the dry cargo, container and chemical tanker vessel segments with a fleet of more than 75 vessels, according to its website.

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