MaK's M 46 DF dual fuel marine engine

Anthony Veder Gas Carrier Upgrades to Dual Fuel While Pierside

Rob Almeida
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December 1, 2014

MaK’s M 46 DF dual fuel marine engine, file photo via CAT

The maritime industry’s first dual fuel engine in-hull retrofit was completed recently on board the Coral Anthelia, a 6,500 cbm Anthony Veder-owned gas carrier.  The existing Caterpillar MaK M 43 C diesel engine was retrofitted to the 6 cylinder M 46 dual fuel platform while pierside with no structural modifications required, according to Caterpillar.

“Caterpillar is firmly committed to providing sustainable, flexible solutions that enhance our customers operations. We’re proud of the collaborative effort between Anthony Veder, Cat dealer Bolier and our engineering team to successfully achieve a beneficial industry milestone,” Karl Vollrath, Caterpillar Marine customer service manager noted. “As an LNG carrier operating in waters impacted by SECA regulations, the Coral Anthelia will be able to optimize its performance utilizing LNG, heavy fuel oil or diesel.”

With a bore of 460 millimeters and stroke of 610, Caterpillar notes the M 46 dual fuel engine was designed for electric drive propulsion systems as well as mechanical propulsion systems.  Similar to the retrofit of the M 43 C to M 46 DF, existing M 32 C engines can be retrofitted to the MaK M 34 DF without needing to change the footprint of the original engine block.

“The benefits of an in hull retrofit for our customers are incredibly significant,” Axel Hausmann Caterpillar Marine customer service manager stated. “In addition to preserving the integrity of the vessel, an in hull retrofit saves the customer time and money in an industry driven by the bottom line.”


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