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American Shipyard Begins Expansion Project

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September 6, 2012

BAE Shipyard San DiegoWhile the strength of American Shipyards has been in steady decline for decades, there are a few that remain profitable and, at least one, is expanding.

BAE Systems has announced the shipyard broke ground on the construction of a new pier at its ship repair facility, the most recent addition to the yard’s 23 acres campus located just miles from downtown San Diego. The pier, which will be complete in 2014, will increase the capacity of the company’s shipyard from five to seven ships. The project will permit the company to enhance its repair and modernization capabilities to serve the U.S. Navy, government agencies and commercial customers.

“This new pier will be a major step forward for our business and for the local economy as a whole,” said Bob Kilpatrick, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair. “The construction will completely transform approximately 35 percent of our shipyard’s waterfront, so that we can accommodate and work on the newest Navy ships.”

The pier will measure approximately 600 feet in length and will include two berths. It will enable pier-side repairs and modifications of large commercial and military ships, including the Navy’s CG-47 and DDG-51 classes of ships. The pier will also support the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) that will come to the San Diego Bay for routine repairs.

The construction has been approved by the Port of San Diego and will proceed under applicable permits, rules and regulations issued by local, state and federal agencies. BAE Systems will invest approximately $15 million to complete the project.

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