American Maritime Partnership Elects New Chairman

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May 2, 2013

A U.S.-flagged inland barge. Photo: AMP

WASHINGTON – The American Maritime Partnership (AMP), a leading voice of the U.S. domestic maritime industry, has elected Thomas Allegretti as its new Chairman.

Mr. Allegretti is President & CEO of The American Waterways Operators. He succeeds James Henry, Chairman and President of the Transportation Institute, who will now serve as AMP’s Vice Chairman.

“It is an honor to serve AMP in this new capacity. The organization is evolving, growing and improving, a path set forth by my predecessor, Jim Henry,” said Mr. Allegretti. “I hope to build upon Jim’s efforts to promote the domestic maritime industry, its significant economic and national security benefits, and the importance of the Jones Act as the critical foundation that supports the industry’s essential work.”

As AMP Chairman, Allegretti will lead AMP’s 450-plus membership spanning, among others, vessel owners and operators, shipbuilders and repair yards, dredging and marine construction contractors, trade associations, and pro-defense groups.

AMP says that its membership’s diverse but allied interests all recognize that a strong domestic maritime industry is critical for America’s economic, national, and homeland security, and is best supported by maintaining the Jones Act as the basis of America’s domestic maritime policy.


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