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John Konrad
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October 21, 2007


Last week I signed up for the new web service MINT and I’m impressed. The new takes your financial information and breaks it down by cost. Why is this great for mariners? Quite simply we either have slow internet access or little time in port to monitor our bills. Mint solves this problem by aggregating your data and displaying it with awsome web 2.0 graphics. It also allows you to set up email and SMS alerts for all your financial accounts… in one place. A great feature for those whose ship’s internet access is limited to

Lifehacker tells us Mint’s real strenght

is in it’s Presentation, Integration Features {and} Automatic, no-hassle importing of your financial transactions from over 3,500 banking and credit card institutions is what Mint does best. Mint’s real strength


As soon as any web-based financial software like Mint is mentioned, the security watchdogs among us pounce on the comments to let the rest of us know that we should never, ever trust anyone with our financial data, especially our aggregated financial data.

Find Lifehacker’s full review HERE or visit Mint directly by clicking HERE.


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