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2023 Finishes Strong For Resolve Marine’s US West Coast Region

2023 Finishes Strong For Resolve Marine’s US West Coast Region

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January 23, 2024

Dutch Harbor, AK – Resolve Marine, a global leader in ship and vessel salvage and rescue,  emergency response, and specialized marine services, today announced that business across its U.S. West Coast  region ended 2023 on a high note, demonstrating substantial growth. The region offers aviation services out of  Anchorage, Alaska, shipyard, drydock and marine services in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and marine response and support  services in Tacoma, Washington. In 2023, a 10,000 square foot facility opened in Tacoma, expanding business across  ship husbandry, marine construction, emergency firefighting, and environmental response. From Dutch Harbor,  drydocks, environmental remediation and machining, welding, and painting jobs dominated business. The company’s  Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop, capable of transporting nine passengers or payloads up to 2,100 pounds, logged 603 hours  of flying time serving commercial fishing fleets, crew transfers, remote lodge and business owners, and Alaskan  villages.  

Dutch Harbor Highlights  

• 20 drydocks were completed, up 17% from 2022. Marine construction and general shipyard services increased 32%. Drydock repairs, machining — including in house fabrication — salvage diving and military port service projects led to more than 330 jobs performed  during the year.  

• Environmental remediation work removed over 100,000 gallons of sewage and oily waste from the Aleutian Islands and surrounding areas. The company houses environmental response equipment in seven OPA 90  response depots in Alaska.  

• One vessel removal operation and four emergency tows were conducted. 

Pacific Northwest Highlights  

• In March, Resolve Marine’s salvage and marine firefighting strike team was first on the scene to respond to a  fire on a fish processing vessel docked in Tacoma, Washington. The Resolve Marine team coordinated with  the Tacoma Fire Department to cool the exterior hull and dewater the vessel ensuring it was stable. Six days  later the fire was declared extinguished. Additional work performed included a dive inspection of the hull and  removal of the remaining fuel onboard. 

• New work at the facility included ship husbandry projects, vessel salvage and underwater inspections jobs.  

A.W. McAfee, U.S. West Coast Region General Manager, said, “Establishing the Pacific Northwest facility was essential  to expanding business development opportunities. The regional team of full-time and on-call contractors means we  can respond to any marine emergency with skilled personnel and deploy specialized assets and equipment. Clients in  the region continue to applaud our professionalism, commitment to safety and affordable, quality work.”  

For more information about Resolve Marine’s Dutch Harbor facility, click here. For more information about our Pacific  Northwest services and capabilities, click here.  

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