paired-column semisubmersible houston offshore engineering

1000 Year Hurricane? Doesn’t Look THAT Bad

Rob Almeida
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February 3, 2012

The naval architects at Houston Offshore simulated the hydrodynamic response of a 1000 year hurricane on a moored paired-column semi submersible.  Here’s what it looks like:


paired-column semisubmersible houston offshore engineering

More Info on Paired-Column Semi

Houston Offshore Engineering is an independent engineering company with expertise in deepwater offshore developments.   They are currently executing conceptual engineering projects with Spar, Semisubmersible,TLP (tension leg platform) and FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) concepts, as well as detailed engineering on TLP and Spar projects. The Paired-Column Semisubmersible concept is the previously missing piece from a complete portfolio of platform concepts for consideration for deepwater developments.

Dry Tree or Wet Tree Semi

The Paired-Column Semisubmersible uses paired-column technology to achieve favorable motions that are compatible with dry trees and top-tensioned risers, even in Central Gulf of Mexico environments.

Conventional Riser Tensioner Systems

A key objective in the development of the Paired-Column Semisubmersible was compatibility with off-the-shelf riser system components. Riser strokes are less than 25 feet. No keel joint is required. No new technology is required from mudline to manifold.

Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) Friendly

Wave cancellation from the paired column arrangement results in significantly reduced surge motion, which benefits SCR systems and touch-down fatigue. Individual main pontoons connect the inner columns, which moves the SCR attachment location closer to the center of roll/pitch rotation, further benefiting the SCRs.

Quayside Integration

Finally, a dry tree deepwater platform that uses a conventional hull and mooring system and can be fully integrated quayside to minimize risks associated with offshore construction and installation. When the Paired-Column Semisubmersible leaves the integration yard, it is ready for hook up to moorings and risers and to start producing oil and gas.

Efficient Deck Structure

The inner columns provide excellent support and minimal span for the topsides,resulting in lightweight deck structure.

Conventional Structural Components, No Moving Parts

The Paired-Column Semisubmersible achieves all design objectives using a unique arrangement of conventional structural components. Traditional flat panel stiffened plate construction is utilized throughout the hull.

Damage Tolerant

Paired columns provides extra protection against collisions and increased stability during flooded compartment scenarios. Riser piping on the hull can be located away from potential impact locations.

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