Every year, Workboat magazine lists the top ten news stories of the year and this year, there were some obvious, some not so obvious, and some, well, let’s just say that’s not what we would have picked.

Ranking in at number one this year was the Deepwater Horizon disaster, with the resulting drilling moratorium at number two.  Other selections included the recession in the workboat industry, a sluggish year for boatbuilders, the ongoing asian carp crisis, TWIC and the NMC, the green revolution lead by FOSS Maritime, and the Duckboat.  Yes, the Duckboat.

But what are some stories that were left out?  The attack on the Jones Act?  The developments in offshore wind farms and the Cape Wind project?  Austal and Fincantieri’s winning bids on the 20 Littoral Combat Ships ordered by the U.S. Navy?  The single hull tanker ban in Korea?  China’s booming shipbuilding industry?  Noble Drilling’s acquisition of Frontier?  The new Coast Guard inspection requirement for vessels operating on inland waterways? How about the U.S.’s retreat from offshore drilling off the South Atlantic and eastern Gulf coast?

Read HERE for the full list provided by Workboat.com and let us know what you would include in the comments below.

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  • http://www.workboat.com David Krapf


    Thanks for the coverage of our Top 10 stories of 2010. A couple of notes on how and why we chose the list. First off, we are mainly a domestic/North America publication (though we keep tabs on the world oil and gas exploration markets, Mexican Gulf, etc.), so we don’t cover stories such as the tanker ban in Korea or China’s shipbuilding industry, unless these stories end up having a major impact on workboat/brownwater markets. As for the Jones Act attack, that was part of the overall moratorium story, and ended up to be a minor piece that fizzled out.

    The towboat inspection requirement is big, but the story will be bigger once the regs are released and takes effect (it came in at #11!). We have followed that story from the start and will continue to do so. It may well make our Top 10 next year, when the new rules take effect. Offshore wind farm development is just that. For our industry, we are beginning to hear about its potential, but it may, or may not, become a big story/business in the future. The Austal and Fincantieri bids were not made official in time for us to do a thorough reporting job and be considered for the list, but will be a good candidate for next year and beyond. Same goes for the U.S. “retreat” from opening up the Atlantic and parts of the eastern Gulf to drilling (well, it would be a lease sale first, then 3-D and other engineering must be done … would be 20-plus years before any production would take place, and that’s if there is a major find), a story that broke before our December issue publication deadline.

    As for the DUKW boat accident, that was high profile, highly visible and one of the biggest stories of year for one of the major sectors we cover — the commercial passenger vessel industry. The impact of the accident, and past DUKW/tour boat accidents, on the passenger vessel sector is always huge in terms of PR, damage control, perception, safety, new rules, etc. In fact, the PVA (Passenger Vessel Association) felt it was so important, that they held a closed-door members-only meeting on the second floor of the convention center during the WorkBoat Show, meeting with the USCG, operators, others, to address the issue.

    I hope this explanation helps paint a picture of how we come up with our top stories. We have a panel of three (our editors) who each submit lists, then we go from there.

    Thanks for reading WorkBoat and posting the link to the Top 10 stories, and I will be curious to see what your online readers think about our list and what they felt should have been included.

    David Krapf
    Editor in Chief
    WorkBoat magazine

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