Convicted Somali pirate, 21-year-old Abduwali Muse, was sentenced today in New York to 405 months, nearly 34 years, in federal prison for his participation in the April 8, 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama container ship in the Indian Ocean and the subsequent taking of the captain, Capt. Richard Phillips, as a hostage.  Muse was also charged for his participation in the hijacking of two other vessels in late March and early April of 2009. Those hijackings also involved the taking of hostages.

Muse pled guilty on May 18, 2010, to two felony counts of hijacking maritime vessels, two felony counts of kidnapping, and two felony counts of hostage taking.

According to a report from the New York Post, federal Judge Loretta Preska was teary eyed and choked up when she imposed the maximum sentence on Muse.

Details on the case can be found HERE.

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  • Lsardelli

    Why was the judge crying, indeed??? Do you see the huge grin on this worm’s face? This guy’s has never had it so good, he’s going to be the guest of “Uncle Sap” paid for by you and I. Meanwhile his compatriots are now killing honest mariners in retaliation for enforcement activities. This is not justice.

    • Lsardelli

      Best regards to federal judge Lorretta Preska. Yes she was crying over the pain and suffering described to her in letters from the victims and their families.

  • anders norsman

    What the heck is the Judge crying for. Thiw was capital crime death by hanging should have been the punishment.

  • uberturtle

    I just hope that 34 years – all the time off for good behavior down the road, he doesn’t file for asylum and get to stay in the country after receiving his graduate degree in crime from the rest of the felons.

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