kara class cruiser sunk

Image via Ukrainian Ministry of Defence

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released the above image today showing the Russian Navy’s Ochakov, a Kara-class cruiser, which was intentionally sunk last night to blockade the Ukrainian Navy ships located in Novoozerne.

Novoozerne crimea

Novoozerne, Crimea, Ukraine

Russian Federation ships blocking the Ukrainian ships in Donuszlav lake, including the missile cruiser “Moskva,” departed just before midnight on 5 March, then towed the Ochakov, filled her with water, and then sunk her in 9-11 meters of water depth between the North and South spits at the entrance to Lake Donuzlav.  This effectively blocks any means for Ukraine’s warships to leave the lake through the narrow channel.

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  • benjaminstrong

    planetrussell that story was via gCaptain & I’m still a bit suspect on the details. Lots of wrecks in/around Russian ports

  • Glfr

    From the “Hunt for Red October,” not completely aprapos, but appropriate.

    Fred Thompson as Rear Admiral Joshua Painter: “This business will get out of control. It’ll get out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

    Sean Connery: “They will do everything possible to test us, but they will only test their own embarrassment.”

  • Scylla2

    A particularly stupid evolution by the Russians to scuttle a ship in the very Crimean waters they want to eventually control. If the Ukrainian Navy is similarly trapped in other Crimean ports they may as well scuttle them in the most inconvenient position as well.

  • Paul Sucia

    Ok, they got it in there how are they going to get it out, when they want to. Maybe call the Costa Concordia salvage crew, they have the technology.

  • Paul Sucia

    This is the Russian Navy’s  new secret weapon. Dumping their scrap ships in other people’s harbors; very passive aggressive I say. At least there is no shooting.

  • TFMartin2011

    kararowland Funny coincidence but sad story.

  • Selyst

    Port_Security SeaPowerCentre confidentiality, integrity and availability. denial of service risk needs ISO 22301 business continuity plan

  • Rusig

    you know nothing about Russian strategy etc., learn history and get answers who is the winner, ALWAYS. Don’t be stupid with your stupid comments.

  • http://articlechase.com/beyondnews editor

    Hey gCaptain any chance you can post this up at our forum http://articlechase.com/beyondnews A lot of the content here would create some great debate. I will add your link to our sidebox links to show goodwill just ;)

  • gisur

    rusig, i  totally agree with you. people, pay attention, putin has what he was after, crimea, the new so called battering ground is the rest of the Ukraine, from a western view. putin doesn’t give a danm about that. he HAS crimea. when the west says fine you can keep crimea, don’t touch the rest of Ukraine or it will be war. he will say ok, my bad, your rite im sorry, I wont go any farther. he will be sitting back in a comfy chair, smoking a cigar,sipping his drink, laughing his ass off at how the west pats itself on the back about the non-violent way they handled this CRISIS, when all putin wanted was crimea.

  • benjaminstrong

    planetrussell gCaptain looks like several other sources confirmed additional details. Bizarre method of blockade no doubt!

  • gisur

    not really, ben. now one ship can guard five, and the rest can be deployed to other areas. the Ukrainian navy has been effectively,non-violently neutralized. just one part of , what will be known as ” the putin gambit”

  • Paul Sucia

    Rusig Obviously you have no sense of humor, and your use of personal insults degrades any validity of your comment.

  • Rusig

    Paul Sucia Rusig  definitely you are not the one who will judge my sense of humor and my comments validation not your business.

  • Rusig

    Nobody can see that USA and EU fire this violence in Ukraine? Looks like most of the people are blind and deaf. Don’t waste your time with Mass Media, try to find small phone movies made by regular people over there. “Government” in Ukraine have totally bloody hands, there are many evidences in the web how EU and US were planning some bloody operations in Ukraine. Open your eyes my friends, monster is not Russia.

  • Winston Blake

    cultural marxism always leads to economic marxism
    this is why I personally think everyone has their head up their áss on this matter concerning the ukraine and vladimir putin
    the u.s. state dept. is infested with communists since ww1 and woodrow wilson… they tried to steal the russian elections for their comrades in the russian communist party through non-profit n.g.o.s… just like at home in america… but putin beat them… and they launched a fággot jihad against the russian orthodox church over the the punk rock band and the olympics… they even flew in madonna as a provocateur…
    the european union (eussr) is a greater danger than the russian republic could ever be

  • Winston Blake


    Those great debts really knock me out
    They kick the West’s behind
    Angela’s blubbery cellulite is hanging out
    That EU troika is always on my, my, my, mind
    Take me to the Carpathian Mountains way down South
    Let me foreclose your daddy’s farm
    All the way the bankers’ hands are reaching out
    Come and grease your comrade’s palm
    I’m back in the EUSSR
    You don’t know how lucky you are… boy
    Back in the EU
    Back in the EU
    Back in the EUSSR

  • Radder

    Rusig i just judged your sense of humor…its not good…

  • lms1

    Have you people actually looked at a world map?  The Black Sea is the only warm water sea that Russia has available to move ocean cargo and commodities either in or out of Russia.  Their only other alternatives are in arctic waters clear in the north, or in the east in the vicinity of Japan and Alaska.  Their alternative ports are subject to being frozen over part of the year, and shipping in and around ice is both dangerous and expensive  Of course Russia going to ensure they continue to have access to the Black Sea. It is simply in their economic best interests.  It is analogous to the US maintaining access to the Gulf of Mexico.

  • lms1

    In fact, if I were Russia, I would probably be trying to figure out how I could own the real estate on both sides of  the Bosphorus Strait, too.

  • debrink

    pcdunham gCaptain they are not pissing around

  • http://www.examiner.com/user/4964201 JKBrent

    Little Barry only thinks he’s a thug. Putin is showing the world what a REAL thug is.

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