Germany’s Lürssen Yachts on Friday launched what is now the largest superyacht in the the world.

Named Azzam, the superyacht measures an astonishing 180 meters (that’s 590 feet!), beating out the former World’s Largest Superyacht title holder, Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, which only measures a measly 536 feet.

The Azzam was designed by Italian yacht designers Nauta Yacht Design, and built by Lürssen at the company’s yard in Bremen, Germany.

The superyacht is rumored to have cost a whopping £450 million, paid for by a so-far unidentified owner.

The 180m Azzam is said to have a top speed of 30 knots.

Lürssen says the yacht will be delivered in the next few months following sea trials and final detailing.

Here are some more photos from today’s launch.

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  • Capt Geest

    Dang, that’s a huge toy! Still though, I’m pretty sure it won’t do much to cover up its owner’s insecurity about his probably extra-short short arm!

  • Cap’n Mike

    There is a big one here in San Diego the LUNA owned by the Russian Guy. Could be his new toy.?

  • vitnick

    ‘Project Azzam’ is being built for powerful Saudi billionaire Al-Waleed bin Talal, who also owns a giga-yacht dubbed as the New Kingdom 5KR and the Kingdom 5KR.

  • Carer Kennedy

    There are already many super-yachts. I don’t know why the world needs another one.

    Yes, I know it is not a question of need. It’s a question of one person having so much money he has to resort to building a new super yacht in order to spend it.

  • Fix

    this kept a crowd of german yard workers busy for over 2 years
    + a full yacht crew of 60

  • http://NONE PAUL

    It’s a rather sad commentary on the life of someone who thinks only of himself. With all the problems throughout the world, this scum bag needs something to say “Hey World,Look at Me” It’s all about me…I hope this thing goes up in flames…

  • Hope Wright

    I remember when I was a Mate on a private yacht in Italy and saw “NABILA” for the first time anchored off Portofino with its own disco, helicopter landing pad, hospital, movie theatre, gold faucets and I thought THAT was quite something. I think she was owned by Kashiggi (sp?) who was an arms dealer. Maybe 320 feet long? As crew, we were all invited aboard for a tour!Then we’d go onto Aga Khan’s Costa Smerelda and Monaco.

  • Dirk

    pfft another muzzie trying to be prestige thanks to the non Islamic countries making him rich. He can have a big boat but he is still a arab muslim.

  • Bob Leslie

    This one has really nice lines, I think she is beautiful, certainly to me the prettiest set of lines on a private yacht, I don’t mind if the owner is showing off, but i do mind when he builds something ugly.

  • CAPT Steven P. Gardiner

    Life’s too short to own an ugly boat…

  • Marylander

    Hmmm…. no pool? Or is it indoor?

    I saw Paul Allen’s yacht in Tahiti in December. It was about 80 pct of the size of our cruise ship.

    I understand the wealth envy of some of the comments, but as someone else mentioned, this shipyard employed lots of labor for a long time, and he’ll keep a few dozen mariners employed for a while as well. This is a far better use than to just stick it in a Swiss bank where it does nobody any good.

  • http://GreatEarthNavigation.Com Captain Robert Scott

    It is a beautiful work of art. I applaud the owner’s selectivity and taste. Well done.

  • Capn Guido


  • Richard Dorfman


  • Fred Zimmerman

    That’s a light cruiser.

  • Mike

    I have seen many huge yachts with very cool toys here in Fort Lauderdale. This one will have to stay in the port.

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