Not exactly sure what this officer was thinking here, but it didn’t end well.


While i was walking by Potomac river in DC, i saw two police boats, first one drifted away in a showing of method then i directly took my phone out to take a video of the second one drifting away but unfortunately he hit two boats and sunk one! excuse my stupid commentary! I was just shocked how lucky i was by pressing the record button at the exact time.

Be safe on the water this Labor Day!

h/t Will


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  • Timbo

    I’m sure he was barely reprimanded. Another obvious example of the over-crowding of police on the water. We don’t need 60mph police boats all over the place. Especially INLAND?

  • Rob

    “Yeah, look at me… I’m a cop with a boat. Ain’t I cool!”

    Seems to me that we need to get some better training over there in DC, or at least the drugs away from the cops.

    All the profits this month from ticketing just went down with the ship.

    Be careful on the waterways in DC; They might need to double up the citations to pay for this debacle.


    Those God Damn Cops are at it again… Give some Douche Bag a high powered boat and a pork pie hat and he’s in his glory… Those Fucking Cops…Hate em with a passion..Not just in D.C., but everywhere. Those Fucking Cops….

  • PlumbingOnTap

    The cop was obviously just trying to show off…But well, it ended not so nicely..Must be reprimanded I say! Waste of goddamn tax money, not performing well, what more can I say!!!


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