This series of images were allegedly taken by a fisherman off the coast of Panama. Rumor has it… the boat sank, the fisherman were rescued, and the marlin got away.

Provide your best caption in comments section below…




Photos courtesy of Marlin Magazine’s Facebook page.

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  • tony mac

    follow me to davy jones locker ,the boss wants a word.

    • Dave Moore

      Weigh-in at Davey Jones Locker.

  • Brad Walden

    “…..SEE!! I told you that new braided line was stronger than mono…..”

  • Capt Wilfred T Fernandes

    Honey !!!! a Sirlion steak at dinner wouldn’t increase my cholestrol a bit, but you insisted on SEAFOOD !!!!!!

  • Richard Powell

    Who put that Rock right where I’m Fishing!

  • James Litvany

    Man-zero Mather Nature- One
    Game over

  • James Litvany

    Man- Zero Mother Nature- One
    Game Over
    Please try again

  • muriel
  • Mike

    Caption – Don’t mess with acquatic actor ‘Lee Marlin.’

  • Who Dat


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