Finding El Faro: Joint Team Searches For (And Finds) El Faro


By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class John Paul Kotara II, All Hands Magazine El Faro, a U.S.-flagged vessel, and its 33 crewmen vanished in the seas of Hurricane Joaquin off the coast of the Bahamas Oct. 1. To locate the vessel investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and U.S. Coast Guard were supported by a team of civilian mariners from … [Read more...]

E-Logs and SaaS Poised to Transform U.S.-flagged Shipboard Recordkeeping

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  By Dean Shoultz The United States Coast Guard frequently appears behind the times when it comes to rulemaking involving shipboard technological advances. Often, by the time the USCG has a Final Rule approved for publication in the Code of Federal Regulations, the technology which that Final Rule was expected to address has been superseded by a newer form of … [Read more...]

Drewry: COSCO, CSCL Merger Could Cause Chain Reaction in China

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  By Drewry Shipping Consultants Having blocked the P3 Alliance on competition grounds, China could now merge China Cosco and CSCL and, as a result, cause a domino effect on existing carrier alliances and further carrier mergers in Asia damaging to industry competition. Shares in China Cosco, China Shipping Development (CSD) and China Shipping Container Lines … [Read more...]

Drewry: New Suez Canal Targets ‘Ambitious’

new suez canal

  By Drewry Shipping Consultants The impressive ‘New Suez Canal’ project will improve capacity, transit times and reduce delays, not least because it will likely be used by far fewer vessels than expected by its sponsors. The expansion of the Suez Canal into a two-lane maritime highway, from what could have been described as a congested single country lane, has … [Read more...]

Stowaways – Complicated, Messy, Expensive and Possibly Dangerous

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  By Rick Spilman, Old Salt Blog Recently, the New York Times published Stowaways and Crimes Aboard a Scofflaw Ship, the first of a four part series, by Ian Urbina. At the core of the article, Urbina tells the story of two South Africans who have the misfortune to stowaway onboard a Greek reefer ship whose owner is notorious for shady dealings. Only one of the … [Read more...]

IMB Piracy Report Shows Continued SE Asian Attacks Against Small Tankers

IMB's Live Piracy Map showing Attempted Attacks, Boardings, vessel's Fired Upon, Hijackings, and Suspicious Vessels.

  A new report published Wednesday by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) highlights a continuing trend in South East Asia in the hijacking of small coastal tankers by maritime pirates, averaging one attack every two weeks. According to the report, five small tankers were hijacked in South East Asian waters in the second … [Read more...]