Some years ago in a now defunct navy journal an article was written about what people think when they fall overboard. Several predominant factors were recognized: (1) Do they know I am overboard? (2) What are they doing? (3) How can I help my rescue? After some study and research the following was gleaned: a. Most victims that fall overboard and are not recovered because … [Read more...]

To be or not to be, a captain?

To be or not to be, a captain? By John G. Denham It is safe to assume that most sea farers at one time or another have wanted to be a captain; command a ship, boat or vessel at sea. If this goal is pursued in government service it is achieved by committees in a selection and promotion process and in the private sector, a license is required followed by a less complicated … [Read more...]

S O S = Save Our Ships

By John G. Denham No matter what is preserved or kept safe, it costs money! In my past life I shared my useful abilities with the U.S. Merchant Marine and the U.S. Navy. I shipped in 12 merchant ships and served in 7 navy ships, commanding 3. In each I came away with lessons that today I share in VOX OCEANUS articles, a dozen published pieces and three novels. What little … [Read more...]

Ship simulators are not stimulators!

Simulator are not stimulators! By John G. Denham After a career at sea and a period of piloting I tried a tour in academia. I was surprised to find that maritime academies, along with other educational institutions were using classrooms furnished with middle school furnishings and tools. Are we teaching kids or future professionals I thought? Mostly the furnishings are still … [Read more...]

Big Motor Problems

Big Motor Problems By John G. Denham I am impressed with the significant improvements that large diesel engine manufacturers are making in reducing offensive emissions, improving operational efficiency and cutting costs. When the "Firecracker Engineers" put their mind to it, it happens. Government is putting a lot of pressure on engine exhausts; the bigger the engine the more … [Read more...]

Safety at Sea=PAP

Safety at Sea=PAP By John G. Denham In my naval experience I hated inspections more than storms. Most of the inspectors were knowledgeable, competent but tended to harp on what they knew and nit-picked technical items the average sailor barely understood. There were two exceptions: the Nuclear Technical Proficiency Inspection (NTPI) and the Board of Inspection and Survey … [Read more...]

Rerport on 9th Maritime Leadership Symposium

PORT AND HARBOR MANAGERS MEETING By John G. Denham A gathering of 132 maritime and related afficionados of the California ports, harbors and maritime facilities met in Sacramento on the 12-14 May and were exposed to political, bureaucratic and professional views on the business of directing, managing and surviving in today's economic and environmentally challenging … [Read more...]