ZIM Kingston. Photo: Canadian Coast Guard

ZIM Kingston Underway to Port Nanaimo to Discharge Damaged Cargo

Mike Schuler
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December 3, 2021

The ZIM Kingston is underway today to British Columbia’s Port of Nanaimo to unload damaged containers following October’s cargo fire.

Today’s short voyage marks the first time the ship has left the Constance Bank anchorage off of Victoria where the first broke out back in late October.

As we have reported, ZIM Kingston lost 109 containers overboard during a storm off the coast of British Columbia as it awaited entry to the Port of Vancouver, to the west of Straits of Juan De Fuca. Following the incident, the ship proceeded to the Constance Bank anchorage where the fire broke out shortly after.

The Canadian Coast Guard reports that the Incident Command Post responding to the accident has now been closed, but the agency will continue to oversee container debris and removal from northern Vancouver Island beaches and will coordinate follow up assessment with the ship owner as required.

No injuries or major pollution, with the exception of the lost containers, have been reported since the incident first began.

AIS ship tracking data shows ZIM Kingston is being escorted by two tugs, Seaspan Raven and Osprey, in addition to two Canadian Coast Guard vessels.


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