You Can Watch Hurricane Florence Roll In Live from the Frying Pan Tower – Here’s How

Mike Schuler
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September 13, 2018

Update: Unfortunately, the feed is down due to the storm. The group’s website says they are troubleshooting. Check their Youtube and Facebook feeds for the latest. A video from the tower just before sunset Thursday is posted here

The Fry Pan Tower is a former Coast Guard Light Station located some 34 miles south offshore from Bald Head, North Carolina. You may know it as the world’s most adventurous Bed & Breakfast.

It’s seen its fair share of storms over the decades. But over the next 24 hours, it will really be put to the test as it takes nearly a direct hit from Hurricane Florence. 

Thanks to the world’s largest live nature cam network,, you can watch the storm roll in LIVE online from its web cam streaming from the top of the tower. We’ve been checking it intermittently throughout the morning, and we can say for certain that conditions are deterioriating rapidly. The question is, how long to give that flag? 

Here’s what Frying Pan Tower looks like on a good day: 

Here’s the latest forecast from the NWS National Hurricane Center:


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