WATCH: USS Monsoor Rollout

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May 4, 2013

While the U.S. Navy’s DDG-1000 nears launch later in 2013, DDG-1001, named USS Michael Monsoorm, has officially made her debut on Land Level at Bath Iron Works in Maine. On May 3rd, Ultra 2200 of the future USS Monsoor is rolled out of the Ultra Hall and parked behind her sister.

The USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001) is the second ship of the Zumwalt-class of guided missile destroyers, a new class of multi-mission U.S. Navy surface combatant ship designed to operate as part of a joint maritime fleet, assisting Marine strike forces ashore as well as performing littoral, air and sub-surface warfare.

A conceptual image of the Zumwalt class.
A conceptual image of the Zumwalt class.
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