RT-flex58T, version D engine MV Shansi

China Navigation Selects Wärtsilä Propulsion for Two Dozen New Ships

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June 28, 2013

MV Shansi, image: Wartsila, click for larger

Singapore-based China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd (CNCo) has chosen Wärtsilä to supply propulsion packages for 24 of their new Multi-Purpose Vessels and Handysize bulk carriers which are currently being built at the Chengxi and Zhejiang Ouhua shipyards in China. The engines selected for these vessels are the RT-flex58T and RT-flex50 engines. All vessels will be fitted with Wärtsilä Fixed Pitch Propellers (FPP) as well as Wärtsilä Seals and Bearings.

The 2-stroke, low speed, Wärtsilä RT-flex engines feature electronically controlled common-rail systems. This technology supersedes conventional systems with mechanically controlled fuel injection pumps and exhaust valve drives. Wärtsilä notes that this design provides ship owners with higher than normal fuel savings across the entire load range.

RT-flex58T, version D engine MV Shansi
RT-flex58T, version D engine in the engine room of MV Shansi

In an emailed statement today, Wärtsilä notes that there are options for a further twelve vessels, which would bring the total number of vessels to 36.

The new ships comprise four Chief Class Multi Purpose Vessels (MPV), with an option for an additional four, as well as eight S-Class MPVs, all designed by Neptune Shipdesign, Rostock Germany. Both vessel types are to be equipped with Wärtsilä RT-flex58T, version D engines. The S-Class vessels have a 6-cylinder configuration, while the Chief Class vessels are designed with 5 cylinders, and both vessel types are being built at the Zhejiang Ouhua shipyard.

The Chief Class and S-Class geared MPVs will operate in CNCo’s Pacific Liner trades and are designed to carry containers, general cargo, project cargo, steel, timber, agricultural products and dry bulk cargo.

In March, the first vessel of the S-Class series, the “MV Shansi”, was successfully delivered from the Ouhua yard followed by “MV Shantung” in June and “MV Shaoshing” in July.

The remainder of the Wärtsilä order comprises 12 W-Class Handysized bulk carriers, plus eight options, based on the popular B.Delta37 design by Deltamarin from Finland.

The vessels will all be built at the Chengxi shipyard and are all equipped with Wärtsilä RT-flex50, version B main engines. The W-Class Bulk Carriers, which are also equipped with cranes to increase their cargo handling capabilities, will be trading worldwide in CNCo’s Swire Bulk dry bulk division. The first vessel “MV Wuchang” was launched on 5 June and will be delivered in early September 2013.

“The propulsion system selected for our new S-class series fully meets our requirements. The first operational results from the MV Shansi have been very successful. They show that the Wärtsilä RT-flex common-rail engines enable us to operate the vessel very efficiently over a very wide operating range at different speeds. The fuel consumption of the S-class is even better than we expected in the design phase,” says Mr Martin Cresswell, Fleet Director at CNCo.

“These major orders represent clear evidence of the strong global confidence that the shipping industry has in Wärtsilä’s propulsion solutions. The specifications called for operational flexibility to operate at different vessel speeds with high efficiency and with the lowest fuel consumption per tonne mile possible, and the choice of Wärtsilä main engines and propulsion machinery reflects these aims,” says Mr Rolf Stiefel, Director, Sales, 2-stroke, Wärtsilä Ship Power.

In excess of 1000 Wärtsilä RT-flex engines have been ordered since they were introduced to the marine market in 2001.

Vessel details:

S-Class 8 x 31K Multi Purpose Vessels: Length Overall (LOA) 199 m, beam 28.2 m and depth 15.5 m.
Able to carry 31,000 dwt on 10.5 m draft with a design speed of 15.5 kts, main engine 6RT-flex58T, version D rated at 13560 kw 105 rpm. Max speed fully laden is 18 kts.

Chief Class: 4 x 22.1K Multi Purpose Vessels, LOA 175.1 m, main engine 5RT-flex58T version D rated at 10000 kw at 105 rpm and able to carry 22,000 dwt on a 9.5 m draft at a design speed of 15.5 kts with tip speed of 17.5 kts fully laden.

W-Class 12 x 40BC Vessels, LOA 176.65 m, beam 30 m and depth 15 m.
Able to carry 34,500 dwt on 9.5 m design draft at 14 kts and 39,500 dwt on 10.5 m scantling draft, main engine 5RT-flex50, version B rated at 6050 kw at 99 rpm.


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