Visby Class – Stealth Ship Of The Swedish Navy

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February 11, 2009

Visby Class Swedish Stealth Ships

For the first time ever, no one correctly identified the correct answer for this week’s maritime mystery quiz. Maybe because the vessel in question is not a commercial ship but rather Sweden’s new Visby Class Stealth Corvette.

Let’s take a quick tour:

Stealth Jet Propulsion

The Visby's Stealth Jet Propulsion

High-tech in Carbon fibre: Water jet intakes and ducts are bonded to the hull, as all longitudinals  and bulkheads, and form a homogeneous structure of enormous rigidity.

Stealth Ship Equipment

Visby Class Equipment

The Visby Stealth Lineage

Visby Class Specs

The Visby Design – Video


Visby Corvette Underway – Video

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