Video: Irish Bulk Carrier Sideways Launched at Ferus Smit

Mike Schuler
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March 23, 2015

The Ferus Smit yard in Westerbroek, Netherlands has marked the launch of the sixth and final general cargo/bulk carrier for Arklow Shipping of Arklow, Ireland.

The sideways launch of the Arklow Breeze went off last Friday before a packed crowd at the yard, located along a narrow canal in the northwest part of the country near Groningen.

The ship features a bulbless bow that is said to improve total performance across a range of different operating drafts and wave conditions over a bulb optimized for a single draft, speed or sea state.

The Arklow Breeze will be delivered in April 2015 and used to wheat, corn and other bulk commodities in European waters.

The vessel was built as the last in a series of six ships launched beginning in November 2013 for Arklow Shipping. The first four ships in the series – Arklow Bank, Bay, Beach and Beacon – are all Netherlands-flagged while the last two – Brave and Breeze – fly the Irish flag.


Arklow Breeze Characteristics:

  • Loa: 119.495m
  • Lpp: 116.895m
  • B = 14.99m
  • D = 9.70m
  • T max = 7.186m
  • DW max = abt 8,660 ton
  • Hold volume = 350,000 cft


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