VIDEO: Cruise ship Pacific Sun hits rough seas

Mike Schuler
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September 7, 2010

For those of you that have been following this blog long enough know that cruise ships + foul weather = bad news for the passengers and crew.  Although the video has just hit the web, the incident occurred in August 2008 when P&O’s Pacific Sun cruise ship encountered 23ft. seas and 50 knot winds about 400 miles off the coast of New Zealand.

Having worked a brief stint in the hotel business myself, I can only imagine the complaints that must have been flying in… but the real question is who secured the ship for sea? 23′ seas in not uncommon and mariners on the north atlantic run frequently see wave heights twice that size with little to no carnage to report. Do cruise ships just expect to avoid inclemate weather 100% of the time? Where they acting reckless by not securing for sea? Leave your answers (and heavy weather sea stories) in the comments section below.

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