Photos: Fire-Stricken Yantian Express Spotted in Atlantic Ocean

We're getting our first good look at damage to the Hapag-Lloyd ship Yantian Express after a container fire broke out on January 3 during a trip across the Atlantic Ocean en route to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The ship was spotted Tuesday, January 15, as the 7,510 TEU-capacity containership was under tow to Halifax by the ocean-going Maersk Mobiliser. We are told the photos were … [Read more...]

Fire on Yantian Express Under Control; Ship Now Under Tow to Halifax

Hapag-Lloyd says the container fire on board the Yantian Express is now 'largely' under control and the ship is currently under tow back to Canada. The fire on the 7,510 TEU-capacity Yantian Express started in a single container on 3 January before spreading to additional containers on deck which forced the evacuation of the ship over the weekend. In an update Thursday, … [Read more...]

Tug to Retrieve Burning Yantian Express in North Atlantic

The U.S. Coast Guard on Monday is continuing to coordinate the response to a container fire on board the now abandoned Yantian Express located approximately 1,015 miles northeast of Bermuda. Saturday evening, 11 non-essential crew members were evacuated from the Yantian Express to the tugboat Smit Nicobar, following by the remaining crew Sunday morning. All 24 crew members … [Read more...]

Hapag-Lloyd Containership On Fire Off the East Coast of Canada

A fire has broke out aboard a Hapag-Lloyd containership in the North Atlantic off the east coast of Canada. In a statement posted to its website, Hapag-Lloyd said the fire started January 3 in one container on the deck of the Yantian Express and has spread to additional containers. Efforts to extinguish the fire were launched immediately but were suspended due to a … [Read more...]