Wave Energy – Scientists Still Looking For A Killer App

by Sophie Hares (Reuters) - Energy from the ocean breakers that pound Mexico’s Pacific Coast could soon be turned into electricity as an Israeli joint venture finalizes permits and financing for the country’s first wave energy plant. Wave power development has long lagged renewable rivals such as solar, but Eco Wave Power says it could prove an effective way to deliver power … [Read more...]

Video: Ship Takes On Monster Waves

Few details available about this video just recently uploaded to Youtube, but apparently it was filmed somewhere in the North Sea. Share what you know about it or your own ship stories in the comments section. Update: A gCaptain facebook fan has pointed out that this was filmed in 2011 onboard the VOS Voyager, a 1,734 gross ton "Field Support Vessel" belonging to … [Read more...]

A Mariner’s Guide to Waves

The following article provided by the marine weather blog Ocean Weather Services blog and written by Fred Pickhardt, a professional marine meteorologist and owner of Ocean Weather Services.  Ocean Weather Services provides professional marine meteorological research reports to admiralty law firms and insurance underwriters, Ocean weather forecasts and ship routing … [Read more...]

The Thickest, Scariest Waves Ever Surfed, Caught on Phantom Camera

BIGGEST TEAHUPOO EVER, SHOT ON THE PHANTOM CAMERA. Teahupoo, Tahiti is widely known throughout the world of surfing as having the most powerful break on the planet.  There are certainly larger waves found breaking at other places in the world, but none that break with such impact and ferocity as found at Teahupoo. On Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro waiting period … [Read more...]