USNS Impeccable Incident Video Released

Here is a collection of videos from the USNS Impeccable when it was approached by 5 Chinese vessel's on March 8, 2009.  For more on the incident, read gCaptain's full coverage HERE … [Read more...]

China Sends Patrol Ship, Yuzheng 311, to South China Sea

China has dispatched a retired Chinese navy rescue vessel, the China Yuzheng 311, to patrol the South China Sea where last week the USNS Impeccable was harrassed by five chinese vessels, an incident that has sparked much debate over the area.  AFP tells us: BEIJING (AFP) — China has dispatched its most modern patrol ship to the South China Sea, state press said Sunday, … [Read more...]

US Navy Vs China An Impeccable Incident – A Video Explanation

Why did the Chinese Navy harass the USNS Impeccable? gCaptain has been recieving a number of emails, Tweets and forum questions about this incident so I put together a short video walking you though details on the USNS Impeccable, the US Navy's anti-submarine initiatives in the Pacific and the reasons why China does not want acoustic patrols in the … [Read more...]

USNS Impeccable – Harassed by Chinese Navy + FAQ

Yesterday, five Chinese vessels “shadowed and aggressively maneuvered in dangerously close proximity” to the U.S. Navy ocean surveillance ship, USNS Impeccable, as it conducted routine operations in international waters in the South China Sea. According to reports, two of the Chinese vessels closed to within 50 feet (15 meters) of the USNS Impeccable, waving … [Read more...]