Why Are American Shipyards So Expensive And Prone To Delay?

In today’s episode of The REAL gCaptain podcast Captain John Konrad reflects on a topic that frustrates, saddens and sometimes angers him… the state of American Shipyards today. The fact is that building ships in America is significantly more expensive and prone to delay (which is VERY expensive from an economists point of view). The question is why? And John’s answer to … [Read more...]

Epic Acquires BAE’s Mobile Shipyard

EPIC Alabama Shipyard will be purchasing the former BAE Mobile shipyard which it will use for ship repair and maintenance services to customers in the Gulf of Mexico. Epis is owned by Houston-based Epic Companies, LLC, which provides offshore construction and decommissioning services to the global offshore energy sector. The company will also service vessels from its own … [Read more...]

Arsonist to Blame in $400 Million US Navy Submarine Fire

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has made an arrest in connection with a shipyard fire that devastated the Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine, USS Miami, in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on May 23rd.  No lives were lost in the blaze, however with damages of around $400 million, this is likely the most expensive ship fire since the USS Forrestal caught fire in … [Read more...]

Vacuum Cleaner Sparked $400M Naval Shipyard Fire

Officials at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard released initial findings June 6 in the case of the recent fire onboard the US Navy's Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Miami (SSN 755). The shipyard responded to a fire onboard Miami, May 23. The fire was extinguished by 3:30 a.m. Thursday the next day, by the ship's crew, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard fire department personnel … [Read more...]