Tweet Puts Carnival Cruise Ship on High Alert

A tweet sent out by a fake twitter account meant to parody a Tennessee diet expert sparked fears of a possible bio-attack aboard a Carnival cruise ship over the weekend. The tweet was posted by a twitter account set up to mock Nashville's diet neurosurgeon, Jack Kruse, and sent by the alias "@shitkrusesays".  The accounts true owner likely started the account to poke fun at … [Read more...]

IMO calls on social media on first ever “Day of the Seafarer”

In celebration of the world's seafarers, the International Maritime Organization is urging the public to turn to their facebook and twitter accounts to help spread the word of this years inaugural "Day of the Seafarer".  From the IMO website: People everywhere are being urged to voice their support for seafarers by using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, by … [Read more...]

Twitter Clone Hunts Down Somali Pirates

We have already seen how the Red Cross and United States Coast Guard has successfully implemented Twitter in their effort to dissimenate information and update participants during times of emergency. Has the US Navy joined the social media revolution to help combat piracy in Somali waters?  Well in it's own way (of course). Bloomberg Tells us: In the command room of the Psara, … [Read more...]

USCG Master Twitter Feed

Image by roeland.p This badge shows the latest Twitter's from all know United States Coast Guard personnel and bloggers, enjoy! The list was taken from our last blog post: The USCG Joins Twitter … [Read more...]

The USCG Joins Twitter- Plus Links To Friendfeed And Other Maritime Tweets

Today we noticed a new follower on our Twitter page: uscoastguard Ok, so many of our readers are asking; What's Twitter and why doesn't gCaptain mention it more often? The answer to both questions is; Twitter is the most complicated and simplest to use messaging tool on the net. What? gCaptain has been a member of Twitter since May of 2007 and we even promoted it's use … [Read more...]