SMM Hamburg Kicks Off

Within 20 minutes of arriving in Hamburg yesterday I was sitting at my first press conference of the week, the first of many I will attend this week while at the biannual SMM Hamburg maritime trade show - the world's largest of its kind. I was here two years ago and was astounded by the sheer scale of it all.  For anyone who's ever been to the Offshore Technology Conference … [Read more...]

Ship Owners Team Up to Support Enforcement of Sulfur Regs

With highly stringent sulfur regulations facing shipowners, a universal issue facing those that operate in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) is the enforcement of such rules. For some, rolling the dice and taking the slap on the wrist if caught in violation is definitely a consideration - vice installing multi-million dollar scrubbers or burning ultra-low sulfur diesel.  This … [Read more...]

Ship Operators Propose Drones to Hunt Down Emissions Violators

By Nicholas Brautlecht, with assistance from Alaric Nightingale in London June 5 (Bloomberg) -- The world’s biggest shipping companies will call on authorities to deploy drones in enforcing new pollution controls that may tempt competitors to use cheaper, dirtier fuel and undercut prices. With new International Maritime Organization limits on sulfur emission set to cost … [Read more...]