Sail Ho, or Sail No? The Debate on Sail Training at the Maritime Academies

By Art Pine, images by Robert Almeida Step aboard a naval vessel these days, and you quickly see a stunning breadth of high-technology equipment. Navigating? Today's ship is the province of GPS receivers and computers.  Posting a lookout? That task is handled largely by satellites and sophisticated radar. The helm is highly automated. And nuclear power is the propulsion of … [Read more...]

Shiphandling Simulator

The Seamanship Tutor has put together a series of simple computer animations that show various shiphandling techniques. The animations include search and rescue operations, use of an anchor and docking operations (among others). The full set of videos can be found HERE but we'll share with you a short preview: … [Read more...]

Knots – How To Tie A Monkey’s Fist And Heave A Line

From waking up and tying your shoelaces to riding a bosun's chair, learning how to handle line aboard ship is a steep curve.  One of the most difficult tasks for apprentice seamen to master is mooring ops and we are here to let all new sailors know there will be few moments less embarrassing then totally missing the mark with a heaving line. So pay attention. The American … [Read more...]