Lighthouses: Beacons of Hope

Alaska’s Hinchinbrook Island Light sits on a high cliff 235 feet above the ocean, at the SW corner of Hinchinbrook Island at the entrance to Prince William Sound. At this height, the horizon is 18 miles away and on a clear night, the light’s 15s flashing white beacon can be seen far out into the Gulf of Alaska. When you stand at the light you hear the ocean surf far below, … [Read more...]

Carr: Tobacco Juice, Rose Hips, and Sea Urchins

By Michael Carr - Tobacco Juice is the Island’s unofficial name. This mound of granite and scrub is just barely an Island, more like a pile of large and irregular shaped boulders sitting in Hurricane Sound. Her name as shown on NOAA chart 13305 is Lawry’s Ledge, but locals call her Tobacco Juice because on the chart she appears as a drop of tobacco juice. He was isolated … [Read more...]

Dropping Anchors in the Gulf of Mexico: 60 Days of Letting Her Go and Pulling Her Up

By Michael Carr - Each of American Salvor’s four 6,000 lb. anchors were attached to its own huge winch by hundreds of feet of 1.5-inch diameter wire cable. Each drum was powered by a large noisy diesel engine equipped with pneumatic controls. Paying out anchor wire and pulling wire in was noisy and dangerous. With all four winches running the decibels were … [Read more...]