Five Facts I Did Not Know About the San Francisco Bar Pilots

By Captain Allen Garfinkle Back in the day, there was much that was mysterious to me about the pilots who joined my ship as we sailed in and out of port.  They arrived on board just prior to leaving the dock and left once the ship had safely cleared port.  It seemed to me that the pilots had the opportunity to enjoy the most interesting portions of a trip.  I … [Read more...]

“I think the pilot turned off the radio!”

By Owen Palmiotti (Coeval, Inc.)...I may have been in diapers when I first learned about communicating. Back then, I was most likely talking to my brother about which crayon tasted the best or what box of fruit juice had the coolest splatter pattern. We learn most of the basic elements of communication when we are toddlers. This communication grows and matures through … [Read more...]

Another Reason Ship Pilots Should Do Pullups [VIDEO]

A fair bit of upper body strength is required by maritime ship pilots while boarding vessels, especially in inclement weather, or when all of the sudden a pilot ladder falls apart and you need to climb up the ladder using only your hands. It's a good thing the pilots on San Francisco Bay are fit. [vimeo][/vimeo] … [Read more...]

Overseas Reymar Update – Board Recommends Disciplinary Action Against Tanker Pilot

The California Board of Pilot Commissioners voted unanimously last week to revoke the license of Overseas Reymar pilot Guy Kleess who was navigating the oil tanker when she allided with the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge early this year. The pilot commissioners stated that Kleess failed to communicate effectively with the crew, lost situational awareness, was "complacent," … [Read more...]

NBC News: Navigating the Seas of the San Francisco Bay [VIDEO]

NBC Bay Area's Joe Rosato Jr. gives us an inside look at the training process San Francisco Bar pilots go through, including simulator training held at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA. View more videos at: San Francisco Bar Pilot John Carlier stood in near darkness on the bridge of a 1,200-foot container ship, staring into the … [Read more...]