Portfire40 names first inductee: The Banksy of shipping?

Editors note: The new Portfire40 Series will portray those people in the maritime industry that possess "alternative power" having exhibited a lasting impact on the industry by the novelty and vigor of their thinking, the strength of their passion for improvement and the impact they have on the community, as voted on by a number of leading industry publications and … [Read more...]

Smells like a scandal

When consumers get cornered into buying from one supplier, they're gonna get soaked, then pissed By Ryan Skinner (email) Through my work, I've become intimately acquainted with what feels like a scandal in the making. Right now, it's only a big deal in the small hydrographic community, but - as mandatory ECDIS drives more attention to the market - it may explode into … [Read more...]

AIS is not Foursquare for shipping

They're both about localisation, but that doesn't make them apples and apples By Ryan Skinner (email) You probably already know AIS. The short-range coastal tracking system identifies vessels near coastlines all over the world's oceans, with information about the vessel's name, speed, destination, heading, etc. You probably don't know Foursquare. It's one of those … [Read more...]