Spain’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship Launched for Ritz-Carlton

This month saw the launch of the first of three luxury "cruising yachts" for the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. The launch heralds the entry of Ritz-Carlton into the luxury yachting and cruising market.  The first vessel, reportedly called the "Ritz Carlton One" and capable of transporting 298 passengers, is under construction at the Hijos de J. Barreras shipyard in Vigo, … [Read more...]

Ritz-Carlton is Trying to Fix Everything You Hate About Cruise Ships

By Sara Clemence (Bloomberg) -- Visits to secluded islands. Long, leisurely port calls. A crew that intuits whether you’re in the mood for a private tour of a nearby estate or a day of sunning on the deck. It sounds much more like yachting than cruising—which is precisely the point. When Ritz-Carlton, Marriott International Inc.'s flagship luxury brand, unveiled … [Read more...]